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Crisis Intervention

intervene for a loved one

Crisis intervention is an immediate interruption in the course of a disease, addiction, or disorder. We know if you are looking into an intervention, your family needs help now. We can usually be with your family within 24 to 48 hours. To learn more about our crisis intervention process see Our process.

Search Service

find people who can help

Over the years, we have compiled a valuable database of information. Let us conduct a search to find the ideal program for your loved one. We provide searches for the following:

  • to find residential and intensive outpatient programs.

  • to find drug and alcohol counselors in your part of the country

  • to find a program that offers creative financing

Recovery Coaching

stay on track

We are ready to meet with your loved one regularly over the phone and in person. These interactions will encourage accountability throughout the recovery process and take pressure off the family. The one year mile marker of clean and sober is a huge objective for a person in recovery. A coaching contract can be from six months to a year.

Crisis Mediation

facilitate a conversation

We offer crisis mediation with the following situations:

  • child custody

  • divorce mediation

  • business disputes between partners

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